Shield your organisation from cyber threats

What is the ConnectProtect platform?

ConnectProtect is your advanced bespoke customisable solution that enables you to navigate the evolving tactics of threat actors. 

As a Technology Agnostic Security Data Analytics platform, ConnectProtect is set up through Azure Sentinel within your Azure Tenant using Microsoft CSP, ensuring seamless integration into your existing infrastructure. This approach means that all your Microsoft Azure Sentinel bills are included within our proposal, with no hidden or additional costs. For those without an existing Azure framework, we’re equipped to establish a new tenant on your behalf.

Our process involves ingesting logs directly from your environment. We utilise Azure Sentinel Connectors for seamless integration and can develop custom connectors for any log sources not already available on the marketplace. For on-premise logs, we deploy a secure, hardened relay, which requires only compute resources from your end. This relay is designed to collect local logs and encrypt them in transit to your Azure Tenant, ensuring your data’s security and integrity.

For ongoing management, we employ Azure Lighthouse, enabling us to implement correlation rules, SOAR runbooks, and maintain visibility over incidents through integration with our SOC and Halo ITSM for ticketing. Our service includes 24×7 monitoring and response, proactive threat hunting leveraging various Threat Intelligence Feeds, and regular service reviews and reporting to keep you informed and your systems secure. This comprehensive approach ensures your cyber security needs are met with precision and efficiency.

The ConnectProtect platform consolidates multiple cyber security resources, offering a unified approach for identifying, examining, and responding to threats, streamlining security operations and boosting overall efficiency.

ConnectProtect provides 24/7/365 surveillance, keeping a vigilant eye on your organisation’s digital landscape for any indications of security threats, breaches, or unusual activities, offering continuous protection throughout the year.

The platform is built to serve organisations of all sizes, expanding alongside your business and providing adaptable solutions that evolve with your shifting security requirements and the changing landscape of threats.

The platform integrates effortlessly with your current IT infrastructure, reducing disruption and facilitating a seamless transition, all while bolstering your existing security protocols.

ConnectProtect provides you with a dedicated team of cyber security experts, including a personal Technical Account Manager, who deliver professional guidance, manage incident responses, and offer ongoing support to maintain the utmost strength of your defences.

The platform aids in adhering to regulatory requirements and mitigating cyber security threats, safeguarding your organisation against possible penalties, reputational harm, and various impacts resulting from security breaches.

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